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Лъвчето Гого

  Welcome to      Circus Ivanov



Ivanov Circus was established in 2004. in Italy by Hristo Ivanov and his family, who have lived there for more than 20 years. He gained great popularity on the Adriatic coast, and in 2010. The Ivanovi family returns to the homeland with the experience gained abroad. The concept of the circus is to be a chamber and representative, a real boutique circus of high class.

Начало: За нас


What sets us apart?


The hall

One of the most beautiful mobile circus halls in Europe ... Handmade sets with unique design! The richest and most modern stage lighting in Bulgaria! Sound quality of the highest quality, great acoustics, thanks to a special configuration.



Circus "Ivanov" travels with thirteen trucks of machinery, animals and equipment. Some of them are hand-painted and tell the story of the circus through their paintings. One of the most attractive means of transport is the retro fire truck from 1962. restored and modernized by the circus team during the state of emergency.


The program

The circus show is aimed at the whole family, always in line with the interests of modern children, but also interesting enough for their parents. It carries a message of friendship, responsibility and hard work. It wins the attention of the audience after the performance.


Outdoor circus

Ivanov Circus is the first in Europe to open its doors after the covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to the experience gained over the years for performances in various places, it creates an exclusive product for Bulgaria, not inferior to the indoor circus. an ordinary park in the most romantic place in the capital. Structure and execution very suitable for one-day visits and holidays in places uncharacteristic of a circus such as squares and parking lots.



The only circus in Bulgaria with its own studio for costumes and props. Unique design for each artist and each choreography. Produces costumes even for famous shows throughout Europe, USA and Australia.


Author's music for children

The circus mascot The Lion Gogo is gaining more and more popularity among the children's audience after the release of his first author's song "King of the Manege". There are already two more songs recorded, which will be released on video.

Attractions for children

What is a circus without the aroma of cotton candy? Without the beautiful carousel with magic lights? In an effort to deliver as many pleasures to our spectators as possible in one night in the circus, we have also developed a small amusement park. The design of the attractions is fully in line with the spirit of the circus "Ivanov". The Carousel of the Gogo Lion, the inflatable castle of the Princess of the circus and the cheerful train of worms are a great addition to the pony ride, the photos with attractive characters and animals and the typical delicacies for the circus.

The big family of the circus "Ivanov"

директор на цирк

Hristo Ivanov

Hristo Ivanov is an artist with thirty years of experience in the arena. The man with the widest range of skills in the Bulgarian circus, his crown number is a balance of cylinders, but over the years he performs many other tricks such as musical clowning (playing the trumpet), ground and aerial acrobatics, stilts, illusions, juggling, animal training, classical clowning and others. The magical atmosphere of the circus, from painted trucks to lighting effects is hallmark of his imagination. Perfectionist in every detail, inventing and realizing many props and choreographies. Presenting new attractions and experiences to the Bulgarian audience is his greatest driving force.

Деси Митева Иванова

Desi Miteva-Ivanova

 Desi is the daughter of the world-famous lion and horse trainer Stoyan Mitev. She inherited from him her love for circus art, she performs various air gymnastics tricks in the last fifteen years. Among them are an air chandelier, a net and veils with two beautiful Ara parrots. Her passion is the design of stage costumes. She makes an individual costume for each artist in the circus program, "Ivanov" is the only one in Bulgaria with its own costume studio. In addition, she has designed costumes for dozens of world stars at the arena in Australia, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Belgium. Her latest project is an original laser show, which is part of the performance of the circus "Ivanov" in the new season. Desi is also chairman of the Bulgarian Youth Circus Association and believes in the future of the Bulgarian circus art.

Принцесата на цирка

Ani Ivanova

 Ani is the eldest daughter of Hristo and Desi, she was attracted by the lights of the arena from a very early age. She started her first performances at the age of four and  during the last fifteen years she grew  up in front of the Bulgarian audience. She started her career in the troupe Stella performing  highly stretched cable, followed the role of  Young Snow White and the Forest Animals, clowning,foot  juggling, horse riding and many more.


Ivan Ivanov

Graduate of the Bulgarian State Circus Academy, an artist with almost half a century of experience in the arena. He began his career with acrobatics in the groups of Petrovi and Kehayovi, later with a pole balancing and clowning.

легендата на цирка

Stoyan Mitev

 The oldest active circus artist in the world, founder of humane animal training. He became world famous in the 70s and 80s of the last century with mixed training of lions, horses and dogs without sticks and whips, only with great trust, friendship and treats. His achievements are unique to this day worldwide, in 2019 he was awarded the prestigious ICAR award of the Union of Artists in Bulgaria, also holds the Order of Cyril and Methodius, an award for overall creativity of the Guild of Variety Artists and others. He is an example and inspiration of several generations of circus artists.

принцесата на цирка

Kristina Ivanova

Kristina is the younger daughter of Hristo and Desi. At the age of 4 she enrolled in gymnastics and won several awards at regional and national championships. She continues with rhythmic gymnastics, which she is very passionate about to this day. She made the dream of her little brother and many other children come true as she played the role of Masha from the movie Masha and the Bear. She is very talented and persistent, likes to dance, jump on a trampoline and read fairy tales.

лого цирк иванов

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