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принцесата на цирка

Charity ride with the Circus Princess

Every year, Ani Ivanova organizes a charity ride with her beautiful horses for the benefit of children in need of expensive treatment. With each passing year, the initiative wins more and more supporters and more and more visitors. Ani and her horse Dragon provide opportunities for riding and photo shoots for adults, and her pony Trotolino delights the youngest participants in the ride. Annie's horses were trained in Italy by the famous trainer Donald Newman and presented on many circus festivals arround the world. Ani Ivanova is the Circus Princess, because not only the make-up and the costume make her princess, but also her actions and her big heart.

българската коледа

Ivanov Circus and friends

Over the years, the Ivanov Circus team not only strives to make circus art accessible to all social groups, but also to support various causes related to the future of children. In the charity show in favor of the Bulgarian Christmas participated free of charge and many artists friends of the circus Ivanov. Krasi Yankova, Emmy Velkova, Hristian Paunov, duo Esenbekovi, clowns Borko and Dimo, etc. It was very important for the whole team to give not only something of themselves, but also a good example, to infect more people with empathy for the cause of Bulgarian Christmas. .

цирк благотворителност

For equal access to circus art for all social groups

The art and the messages it carries are meaningless if they cannot reach where they are most needed. The mission of Ivanov Circus is not only to make children and parents happy, but also to inspire hope in the dreams of the people who need it. , to make them forget for at least two hours their status and problems and to show them the beauty of the world and human capabilities, to leave lasting traces in the mind and faith in one's own strength.

The circus educates the kids for kindness and diligence, its positive impact on them is indisputable. In this mission, the circus works with many partners in the face of various institutions, NGOs, social units and clubs.

Цирк за всички

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